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Saturday, October 8th, 2016

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Taking a Day off with a Little Help from a Friend

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

a doctor with an excuseSometimes you just need a “mental health” day, right? The problem is, a lot of places make you call in at least two days to use your sick time, and then you have to bring in a doctor’s note. Come on people! I am worn out! I found a way to turn an impossible situation into a win, win. It’s called a fake doctor’s note. I know what your thinking, it’s not like when you were a kid and signed your dad’s name to stuff, and yes it’s legal. What’s not legal is stealing a note from a doctor, or trying to use someone else’s note. That will not only get you caught at work, it can land you in jail.

You can use a doctor’s note to help you get away from work easily and have a a long vacation with your family and friends.

Instead, do what I did. I went online and found a great site that provided templates for a Fake Doctors Note. You can download them from your laptop at home. They have free samples to look at, and examples of all kinds of notes. Be careful that your fake note looks legit. It should be printed on a professional looking letterhead, have accurate information, such as dates and time, with a proper diagnosis. Sometimes a return to work or school day will need  be included. Keep it simple, just enough to look real and note raise any red flags. A great feature is a call verification number. For a small price you can add such a number.

While a Fake Doctors Note can be a great thing, never over use the service. Also, be careful not to rat yourself out. Don’t claim to be sick in bed, then post your smiling face all over facebook. I had friend that did that, her rival told the manager. Doctor’s excuses can be a handy thing if you can’t get to the doctor, or just need a day. But use it wisely, and sparingly, otherwise you could get caught.

Look here another doctor’s note resource.

help from a health practioner's note

Dr.s’ notes are charming friends

STD Diseases and What They Mean

Monday, January 5th, 2015

chlamydia-1STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are a family of infections that share a similar set of traits, while still having individual differences. The most common way for spreading sexually transmitted diseases is through sexual intercourse but many of the varieties can be transmitted through oral sex and some can even simply be transmitted through certain types of contact. Although most of the diseases that fall under the STD category are relatively harmless, there are some that can cause serious life long problems and others that can actually kill you.
The most dangerous STD in existence today is the HIV virus which, when contracted, leads to the sufferer having AIDS or the auto immune deficiency disease. This disease kills millions of humans every year and is one of the single worst epidemics that the human race encountered in the last 500 years. Although the AIDS virus is predominantly found in minority populations and homosexuals, everyone is at risk of getting the disease when they sleep with a partner with no protection or share needles. The HIV virus takes a few months to show up in standard screening procedures so often times it spreads with the host unaware that they are even infected in the first place.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, the HPV or human papilloma virus is one of the most rampant infections that the human race has ever seen. Fortunately, the disease and it’s 400 variations only cause a minor degree of damage and not death. The HPV virus is responsible for genital warts but many of the strains don’t show any signs whatsoever. Cervical cancer and throat cancer are two of the more dire issues that the infection can cause but if treated by a doctor in its early stages these can be easily avoided.

Did you know that having contaminated with this disease can have an impact on your reputation when stated in a doctor’s note? So, it’s better to keep it private. But what if you can’t get back to work without an excuse? Then you might need to learn how and where to get a fake doctor’s note template and describe another disease lighter than what you have. One great site is to download a doctor’s note from.
Although it used to be believed that the HPV virus was something that stuck around forever once contracted, doctors and scientists have recently discovered that many infected individuals’ immune systems are actually able to completely eradicate the virus after 2-3 years. It is estimated that if you have slept with more than 2 individuals in the United States without protection, you have a 90% chance of being exposed to one of the many different strains.
Herpes, unlike HPV, has no side effects of cancer or killing you but it is seen as one of the worst offenders in the STI class of infections. This is because once you have contracted herpes, your body will never be able to get rid of it. Although it doesn’t have any serious health effects, it does result in painful out breaks that happen in cycles for the rest of your life although they can be controlled with antiviral medicine these days. Although the physical effects of herpes may seem bad, doctors and psychiatrists have noted that the most detrimental effect of the infection seems to be the mental anguish and depression that many of its suffers feel due to societal stigmata against the infection. Herpes carriers often feel embarrassed and ashamed about carrying the virus and many of them have decreased sexual appetite as well as decreased motivation to socialize and have sexually healthy lifestyles. Today, there are many misconceptions about the herpes virus, if you want to find out more about sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing in Pittsburgh or any where else click here.

How to get a Veritable Doctor’s Note

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

If you want to be excused by a strict employer or school administrator from studies or work, having a doctor’s note is one cogent document to persuade them. However, the ubiquitous fake doctor’s notes on the internet require one to process them with care lest you are caught intending to deceive the authorities. This should not force you to abandon the plan of a faked illness, it should enable you navigate all flaws that may make your fake note to be detected. If you surf thoroughly, you will get a site where you can generate a persuasive and compelling doctor’s note that will make the employer and school to grant you permission.

The fake physician note should contain all the essentials that such typical documents encompass. Ensure information about illness, prescriptions, and observations are precise. In the message portion, the illness ought to be explicitly stated. The estimated period when you will be of should be stated, not overly lengthy time. You can use figures to make this more realistic, for instance “five days off to recover from lung infections” may suffice to be convincing. Do not download or print poor quality and exotic templates. The facial aspects of the document will reinforce the authenticity of the document. If you will have to use a pen, write ineligibly but let the message be clear to make it doctor like as they pen details fast and inconsiderately.

Fake Doctor’s Note and Culture

Friday, June 20th, 2014

The societal decadence and a growing sense of entitlement among most people have gradually justified the use of fake doctor’s notes in its varied forms to miss work or school. Days missed from work on the strength of these notes mean earning a wage one is not entitled to thus creating a loss for the employer financially and essentially the public.

Skipping school however does not rob anyone but creates a template that shapes the adult life of the student. This ensures continuity of the abuse in future. Some doctors have ready fake doctor’s excuse note form in their offices which are issued on demand thus abetting and aiding crime. To accept and write out a false diagnosis at the request of a patient goes against the ethics and ethos of the doctor’s profession, and justified in the eyes of those who hold doctors and the profession in high esteem.

When parents engage in the use of fake doctor’s notes the children are likely to view it as acceptable and carry the habit into their adult life (much like bad sleeping habits). If no sound remedy is found then the decay is bound to deepen. Some employers have turned to ‘paid time off’ to enable them curb the vice of using fake doctor’s note.

Elements of a Fake Doctor’s Excuse

Friday, June 13th, 2014

If you choose to make use of a doctor’s excuse from a physician, it is always vital to ensure that it appears real. Therefore, below are several things to remember to ensure that you create a good doctor’s excuse appearing real before finally submitting it to your school administrator or employer. To begin with, because this doctor’s excuse is a legal document, there are basically two pairs of main elements that you require having on the physician’s notes.

  • Contact data– first and foremost, it is vital that you acquire the doctor’s contact data on the physician doctors excuse note. This needs to constitute the physician’s full names, his or her address, and the telephone number to help you reach him or her easily. Be sure to also research a bit about HIPAA laws.
  • Date and time– The excuse should also constitute the date as well as the exact time by which you saw the physician. Double checks that there is also a date for the total number of days you are excused away from school or work station. This is a vital element to doctors excuse that should never miss. Look here for more info.
  • Name of the individual seen– The note should also have your full names to make them appear real. Only your personal name should be in the form and one does not require to offer lots of data concerning your medical situation.

Help! I Need A Doctor’s Note To Go Back To Work But I Can’t Afford A Doctor Visit

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

It’s really a hassle when you have a job that requires you to bring in a note from a doctor excuses  when you come back to work after calling in sick. Even if you call out sick for one day, some employers insist you show proof that you were sick enough to have to visit a doctor. A fake doctors excuse provides the excuse you need without the expense of an actual doctor’s office visit.


It’s often pointless to schedule an emergency doctor visit when you have a cold since the only “cure” is rest and time. Employers can get away with requesting these pointless excuses because they know jobs are hard to come by today. In most cases, your employer does not ask for an amazing doctors note template because they care about your health; they know it discourages employees from taking time off work. Few people have the extra money to see a doctor for every minor ailment, even if they could get an appointment right away. You don’t want to visit an emergency room or urgent care clinic because the doctors and nurses there shouldn’t have to see you just because your employer demands verification of your illness. Emergency rooms are for very sick or seriously injured people.

There are plenty of free samples of doctors notes template online but everyone uses them. Chances are, your work has already seen these notes and will recognize them if you try to use one. In addition, most free excuses are poor quality and your boss will be suspicious. If your boss becomes suspicious, they are more likely to attempt to verify your excuse.


You need a fake doctors note that looks professional so your boss won’t dare question it. You will have to pay for the best editable templates but you can buy a collection of forms and use them as needed. It looks odd if you always use the same excuse more than once a year so to look for collections of templates from family doctors, dentists, eye doctors and others so you are not presenting the same excuse twice.

Sample Doctors NoteSample Doctors Note


Health Tips

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

This video can help you improve your health

The World is Flatter

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

The world is “flatter”.  Our organizations are operating at a faster speed, more globally with a changing workforce and marketplace.  How does LEARNING fit into a “flatter” world?  How do we combine traditional approaches to learning (eg. classroom, e-Learning and OJT) with emerging models (PodCasting, Gaming, Coaching, Fingertip Knowledge and Collaborative Learning).  How do we address the issues of Retention, Outsourcing, Human Capital Management and Competencies?

Learning 2006 is dedicated to exploring how organizations can deliver more impact, faster, farther, with changing development and media formats, focused on competency and compliance? Here are just a few of the key topics, you and your team will be engaged in at Learning 2006:

  • Learning in a “Flatter” World!
  • Fingertip Knowledge
  • Learning: Shorter, Faster, More Focused, More Self-Service
  • Challenges for NextGen and Silver Employees in our Workforce
  • Learning Systems: LMS, LCMS, Content Management and Collaboration
  • Impact Objectives – A Practical Approach to ROI
  • Informal Learning, Media-Based Content (PodCasting) and Rapid Development
  • Human Capital Management: Impacts & Strategies
  • e-Learning Excellence!
  • Evolving and Changing Classroom
  • Fresh Looks: Leadership Development, On-Boarding & Customer Education
  • 3 C’s for 2007: Compliance, Competencies and Content Management
  • Learning Governance and Changing Roles for Learning Professionals

We are focused on “walking the talk” of the changing world of learning.  So, we have swapped thousands of PowerPoint slides for a richer and more engaging model of active learning  From the moment you register, you will be invited to participate in dialogues, benchmarking, skill building and active networking.

Here are a few of the types of activities that you will participate in at Learning 2006:

  • User Groups:  You will be invited to join one or two User Groups that will meet throughout the event and “drill down” on specific challenges and comparative approaches to the area of your prime focus or major “pain”.  The User Groups will be facilitated by The MASIE Center and will host a range of vendor-neutral interactive sessions in these areas:
      • LMS and LCMS User Group
      • Learning & Instructional Designer User Group
      • Human Capital (and Talent Management) User Group
      • Emerging Media for Learning (Games, PodCasting) User Group
      • Metrics, Analytics and Assessment User Group
      • Globalizing Learning User Group
      • Classroom Training & Blended Learning User Group
      • Compliance and Learning User Group
  • Thought Leader Sessions: We have over 30 Thought Leaders coming to Learning 2006. From the Learning Officers of Wal-Mart, Apple and BBC to Ken Blanchard, Stephen MR Covey, Jim Lauderback (PC Magazine Editor) and many more. Click here for biographies and more details.
  • scattergram3.jpgLearningNet – Learning Social Network:  Your teenagers and college students are extending their world with “Me Publishing” in Facebook and MySpaces.  Learning 2006 creates LearningNet,a Learning Social Network with a graphical, secure and highly personalized system to enhance your networking with the several thousand colleagues who will converge in Orlando in November.

Specifics, Solutions and Benchmarking:  One of my frustrations with many conferences is that the content is too vague or broad.  At Learning 2006, our design team is creating a series of case studies and activities that are focused on:

    • Specifics: Details from learning executives of corporations that are implementing (instead of selling) key approaches to organizational learning and performance.
    • Solutions: Case studies from both Learning Suppliers and Implementers focused on a range of solutions (systems, content, services, methodologies and business models).
    • Benchmarking: Opportunities to honestly compare numbers, costs, approaches and results with similar organizations.  For example, how much per employee are you spending on leadership training?  How effective was your LMS on actually improving learning results?
  • Learning Studios & Labs:  Learning is more than sitting and listening.  We will have a range of studios and labs at Learning 2006 to provide actual hands-on experimentation:
    • Learning with Gaming Lab:  Work with emerging Gaming for Learning technology.
    • PodCasting Studio:  Learn how to make Course PodCasts and create your first ones right at Learning 2006.
    • Instructor Labs: Work on new approaches to Classroom Instruction.
    • Impact & ROI Workout Lab: Do a “workout” on the effectiveness of a corporate learning and performance program in a competitive and judged session.

Watch this site in the coming weeks.  Every few days, we will add additional free content, announcements about featured speakers and innovative learning activities and more at Learning 2006.  We have added a new on-going Learning 2006 Blog to keep you up to date.

We look forward to working and learning with you at Learning 2006.  Once again, register now to save several hundred dollars and become part of the Learning 2006 Design Team!

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Elliott Masie, Host – Learning 2006 & The Learning CONSORTIUM