Taking a Day off with a Little Help from a Friend

a doctor with an excuseSometimes you just need a “mental health” day, right? The problem is, a lot of places make you call in at least two days to use your sick time, and then you have to bring in a doctor’s note. Come on people! I am worn out! I found a way to turn an impossible situation into a win, win. It’s called a fake doctor’s note. I know what your thinking, it’s not like when you were a kid and signed your dad’s name to stuff, and yes it’s legal. What’s not legal is stealing a note from a doctor, or trying to use someone else’s note. That will not only get you caught at work, it can land you in jail.

You can use a doctor’s note to help you get away from work easily and have a a long vacation with your family and friends.

Instead, do what I did. I went online and found a great site that provided templates for a Fake Doctors Note. You can download them from your laptop at home. They have free samples to look at, and examples of all kinds of notes. Be careful that your fake note looks legit. It should be printed on a professional looking letterhead, have accurate information, such as dates and time, with a proper diagnosis. Sometimes a return to work or school day will need  be included. Keep it simple, just enough to look real and note raise any red flags. A great feature is a call verification number. For a small price you can add such a number.

While a Fake Doctors Note can be a great thing, never over use the service. Also, be careful not to rat yourself out. Don’t claim to be sick in bed, then post your smiling face all over facebook. I had friend that did that, her rival told the manager. Doctor’s excuses can be a handy thing if you can’t get to the doctor, or just need a day. But use it wisely, and sparingly, otherwise you could get caught.

Look here another doctor’s note resource.

help from a health practioner's note

Dr.s’ notes are charming friends

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