STD Diseases and What They Mean

chlamydia-1STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are a family of infections that share a similar set of traits, while still having individual differences. The most common way for spreading sexually transmitted diseases is through sexual intercourse but many of the varieties can be transmitted through oral sex and some can even simply be transmitted through certain types of contact. Although most of the diseases that fall under the STD category are relatively harmless, there are some that can cause serious life long problems and others that can actually kill you.
The most dangerous STD in existence today is the HIV virus which, when contracted, leads to the sufferer having AIDS or the auto immune deficiency disease. This disease kills millions of humans every year and is one of the single worst epidemics that the human race encountered in the last 500 years. Although the AIDS virus is predominantly found in minority populations and homosexuals, everyone is at risk of getting the disease when they sleep with a partner with no protection or share needles. The HIV virus takes a few months to show up in standard screening procedures so often times it spreads with the host unaware that they are even infected in the first place.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, the HPV or human papilloma virus is one of the most rampant infections that the human race has ever seen. Fortunately, the disease and it’s 400 variations only cause a minor degree of damage and not death. The HPV virus is responsible for genital warts but many of the strains don’t show any signs whatsoever. Cervical cancer and throat cancer are two of the more dire issues that the infection can cause but if treated by a doctor in its early stages these can be easily avoided.

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Although it used to be believed that the HPV virus was something that stuck around forever once contracted, doctors and scientists have recently discovered that many infected individuals’ immune systems are actually able to completely eradicate the virus after 2-3 years. It is estimated that if you have slept with more than 2 individuals in the United States without protection, you have a 90% chance of being exposed to one of the many different strains.
Herpes, unlike HPV, has no side effects of cancer or killing you but it is seen as one of the worst offenders in the STI class of infections. This is because once you have contracted herpes, your body will never be able to get rid of it. Although it doesn’t have any serious health effects, it does result in painful out breaks that happen in cycles for the rest of your life although they can be controlled with antiviral medicine these days. Although the physical effects of herpes may seem bad, doctors and psychiatrists have noted that the most detrimental effect of the infection seems to be the mental anguish and depression that many of its suffers feel due to societal stigmata against the infection. Herpes carriers often feel embarrassed and ashamed about carrying the virus and many of them have decreased sexual appetite as well as decreased motivation to socialize and have sexually healthy lifestyles. Today, there are many misconceptions about the herpes virus, if you want to find out more about sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing in Pittsburgh or any where else click here.

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