The Facts on Fake Doctor’s Notes

Not Sick Enough?

As children, we all learn which cards to play when we’re in need of a day off from school. For example, maybe that test date snuck up on us too quickly or perhaps we were far too nervous to give that presentation. Missing school wasn’t an option to Mom or Dad unless there was physical evidence of illness, so even the most vocal complaints of headaches, stomachaches and chills were quickly debunked by the dreaded thermometer.

Similarly, once you reach adulthood, your employer isn’t going to take your word for it when you can’t make it in to work; the United States is notorious for its austere attendance policies in the workplace, and most employers demand a doctors note template to verify that your absences are indeed due to illness. It sounds reasonable enough, but there are certain situations—mental breakdowns, emotional distress, simply being worn out, etc.—that cannot be diagnosed by Dr. So-and-so and are therefore not “legitimate” excuses in the eyes of workplace authority.

And what about those recurrent health problems that don’t warrant a trip to the doctor but still leave you unable to work? What if you can’t afford a trip to a doctor’s office or clinic? Why should an employer make the final call on your personal health? There are multiple inherent flaws, and reform will not come soon enough — In the meantime, what’s a worn-down employee to do?

The Fake Doctor’s Note

If you’ve ever considered using a fake doctors note to satisfy this pesky requirement, you’re not alone; countless hardworking employees in need of a reprieve have historically pulled it off and lived to work another day. In the past, the stunt required a lot more in terms of resources, such as having a doctor friend or being exceptionally gifted at forgery. These days, anyone with internet access can successfully obtain a convincing fake doctor’s note in a matter of minutes, even specifically tailored to the user’s needs! The web is full of samples that can be obtained or altered at your leisure.

Considering the unforgiving standards for employee absenteeism imposed upon the modern laborer, it’s no wonder that more and more of us are finding the fake doctors note to be the ultimate solution to our workplace woes. As adults, we know when going in to work is out of the question, and it’s frankly demeaning to be told otherwise by an employer or doctor who doesn’t realize this. It’s generally accepted that the system does not work, so why accept it?

What Are Your Rights? What Are the Risks?

“But what if I get caught?” This question is natural, and the fear of perceived risk is enough to keep many of us from taking advantage of this increasingly-popular workaround. But how much do you really know about the mechanics of doctors’ excuses?

Legally, an employer is entitled to a doctor’s note after a certain amount of absences (usually around three or more) and certain information regarding your absences. For example, depending on your particular company’s policies, your employer may be able to ask you personally about your medical conditions or even request confirmation from a clinic that you indeed made an appearance at their office, although clinics will rarely give out this information. Admittedly, it is rare that an employer will go to such lengths after receiving a legitimate (or legitimate-appearing!) doctor’s note.

Furthermore, United States citizens (yes, Texas counts!) who have coverage under a health insurance plan (such as Kaiser Permanente, etc.) can find solace in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, which grants certain protections to employees. For example, under HIPAA, your employer CANNOT do any of the following:
– speak with your doctor or the doctor mentioned in the note unless you sign the release forms at the doctor’s office
– force you to sign release papers for the above reason
– obtain medical information directly from a doctor
– ask you why you were given the doctor’s note

As you can see, the protection offered under HIPAA is by no means perfect, but it provides the safety net employees need when it comes to our health and personal welfare. For this high benefit-to-risk ratio, most Americans will agree that fake doctor’s notes are vital to any employee’s arsenal of tools for preserving personal dignity and protection in the workplace.

So How Does It Work?

As we mentioned previously, the internet is your greatest source for obtaining fake physician’s notes, dentist appointment confirmations, hospital discharge forms, etc. The market for these invaluable templates has grown more and more popular as employees lose their health insurance or otherwise fall on hard times, so why should you be the only one missing out?

The process is simple; you don’t even have to make the doctor’s note yourself! Just download a free or inexpensive blank, partially-filled, or completely-filled printable form and customize it to your needs. Print it out and p resent it to your employer upon your return to work, often with no questions asked. And since the business for fake doctor’s notes has become so expansive, these notes are created by professionals, therefore guaranteed to work.

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