Fake Doctor’s Note and Culture

The societal decadence and a growing sense of entitlement among most people have gradually justified the use of fake doctor’s notes in its varied forms to miss work or school. Days missed from work on the strength of these notes mean earning a wage one is not entitled to thus creating a loss for the employer financially and essentially the public.

Skipping school however does not rob anyone but creates a template that shapes the adult life of the student. This ensures continuity of the abuse in future. Some doctors have ready fake doctor’s excuse note form in their offices which are issued on demand thus abetting and aiding crime. To accept and write out a false diagnosis at the request of a patient goes against the ethics and ethos of the doctor’s profession, and justified in the eyes of those who hold doctors and the profession in high esteem.

When parents engage in the use of fake doctor’s notes the children are likely to view it as acceptable and carry the habit into their adult life (much like bad sleeping habits). If no sound remedy is found then the decay is bound to deepen. Some employers have turned to ‘paid time off’ to enable them curb the vice of using fake doctor’s note.

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