Help! I Need A Doctor’s Note To Go Back To Work But I Can’t Afford A Doctor Visit

It’s really a hassle when you have a job that requires you to bring in a note from a doctor excuses  when you come back to work after calling in sick. Even if you call out sick for one day, some employers insist you show proof that you were sick enough to have to visit a doctor. A fake doctors excuse provides the excuse you need without the expense of an actual doctor’s office visit.


It’s often pointless to schedule an emergency doctor visit when you have a cold since the only “cure” is rest and time. Employers can get away with requesting these pointless excuses because they know jobs are hard to come by today. In most cases, your employer does not ask for an amazing doctors note template because they care about your health; they know it discourages employees from taking time off work. Few people have the extra money to see a doctor for every minor ailment, even if they could get an appointment right away. You don’t want to visit an emergency room or urgent care clinic because the doctors and nurses there shouldn’t have to see you just because your employer demands verification of your illness. Emergency rooms are for very sick or seriously injured people.

There are plenty of free samples of doctors notes template online but everyone uses them. Chances are, your work has already seen these notes and will recognize them if you try to use one. In addition, most free excuses are poor quality and your boss will be suspicious. If your boss becomes suspicious, they are more likely to attempt to verify your excuse.


You need a fake doctors note that looks professional so your boss won’t dare question it. You will have to pay for the best editable templates but you can buy a collection of forms and use them as needed. It looks odd if you always use the same excuse more than once a year so to look for collections of templates from family doctors, dentists, eye doctors and others so you are not presenting the same excuse twice.

Sample Doctors NoteSample Doctors Note


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